Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Aviation & Safety Magazine

For the 30 or 40 of you that have already seen some of our posts that's great.

Aviation and Safety Magazine have offered to publish our "Heli Hotspots" in future issues of their magazine. Grant has been a subscriber for the last year and an avid reader of A&S since issue number 3 or 4 (now up to #40). It is one of the few magazines where, after reading one or two issues, you just about feel like part of the family.

Aviation and Safety Magazine is truly a 'cover to cover' magazine.

You can click on the link above (www.aviationandsafety.co.za) or email belinda@aerosat.co.za for a subscription. Currently only R228.00 (South Africa) for 12 issues delivered to your PO Box (or door if you are lucky enough to have street delivery (....that works))

Some of our 'unpublishable' trips will still find their way here, so please use the RSS links on the right to be kept up to date on places to visit.

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